daveMission Mechanical has in-house Mechanical Engineering/Design Build services.

Partner, David Obermiller, PE, is a registered professional engineer in the states of North Dakota and Minnesota and has over 30 years experience in the design of Mechanical Systems.

Having designed HVAC, plumbing and temperature controls systems for buildings ranging from small offices to the 550,000 sf Ralph Engelstad Arena in GF and the $125 million UND School of Medicine and Health Services, Mr. Obermiller brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to the table when it comes to evaluating, understanding and designing complicated mechanical systems and equipment.

Having experience in the multitude of mechanical systems from old technology to new, Mission Mechanical has the ability to help owners with questions or concerns about their existing mechanical systems and equipment. Our engineering staff can provide evaluations and offer recommendations on HVAC systems and equipment. Whether you need advice or have issues with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing or automatic temperature controls, the engineering staff at Mission Mechanical will do their best to help you find a solution.

Mr. Obermiller understands and has experience with specialty systems and equipment that have unique requirements. He is knowledgeable with the requirements of mechanical systems for kitchens, medical institutions (including medical gas, surgery rooms, MRI’s, radiology, laboratories etc.), welding, grinding and manufacturing shops, automotive shops, science buildings, aircraft hangers and many others. Mission Mechanical can help ensure the mechanical systems and equipment are appropriate for your project. Understanding the systems and equipment allows the staff at Mission Mechanical to trouble shoot and offer advice on improvements to systems and equipment.

Energy efficiency and being good stewards of the earth’s resources is important to Mission Mechanical. We believe that our business can directly impact the world in which we live and we would like to think that we can do our small part by installing systems and equipment that are energy efficient. If energy efficiency is important to you, let us see what we can do for your buildings mechanical systems.


David Obermiller