Mission Mechanical’s plumbing staff has experience in all aspects required to install plumbing piping, equipment and fixtures.

Whether it is a pre-engineered design or our own design-build layout, Mission Mechanical can get the job done. Mission Mechanical’s experienced plumbers understand what it takes to get plumbing systems installed so that they work correctly and meet state or local codes.

Mission Mechanical is knowledgeable with:

  • Piping Materials: Copper, PVC, Cast iron, CPVC, Pex, Acid waste, Stainless Steel
  • Water Heaters: Gas fired, steam fired and electric tank type
  • Instantaneous Steam Fired Water Heaters
  • Hot Water Storage Tanks: Large or small commercial and domestic
  • Natural Gas, Propane and Fuel Oil Piping
  • Backflow prevention certified: RPZ double check valve
  • Multiple pipe fastening methods: Soldered, Grooved, ProPress and Brazed (high temp)
  • Medical Gas Piping: oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, vacuum and scavenger gases
  • Medical Gas Equipment: Air Compressors and Medical Vacuum Pumps and Tanks
  • Standard Shop Compressed Air: Air compressors, dryers and filters
  • Plumbing Fixtures: Lavatories, Sinks, Urinals, Toilets, Showers and baths
  • Specialty Plumbing Fixtures And Piping: For science buildings and medical facilities

From simple plumbing projects to complex plumbing systems, Mission Mechanical has the experience and ability to do the job right.


Mission Mechanical Inc.