Ventilation systems move air through buildings to keep the occupants comfortable and safe from objectionable or dangerous fumes and vapors.

The staff at Mission Mechanical are experienced in the installation of the mechanical systems and equipment required for ventilation systems to operate appropriately. We understand the potential uses for fans and can help with the selection.

Our staff has good understanding of:

  • Rooftop Type Air Handling Units
  • Pre-Packaged Indoor Air Handing Units
  • Built-Up Air Handling Units
  • Fan Types: Centrifugal, airfoil, backward inclined, forward inclined, plug fans, propeller type, vane axial, mixed flow, etc.
  • Exhaust Fans: Ceiling mounted, Inline, Roof mounted power exhaust, up-blast grease exhaust, strobic type for corrosive/hazardous exhaust, etc.
  • Kitchen Ventilation: Including exhaust and make-up air equipment and kitchen hoods
  • Dust Control Systems: For wood dust, metal and rock grinding dust
  • Smoke Control Systems: For automotive exhaust, industrial applications and other noxious fumes
  • Welding Fume: Exhaust and filtration systems
  • Heat Recovery Systems: Air-to-Air, Air-to-Water and direct refrigerant.

From simple to complex ventilation systems, Mission Mechanical has the knowledge and experience to provide and install everything needed.


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